ADVENTURES OF BARRY McKENZIE . (Australia – 1972).  Direction and co-script.

BARRY McKENZIE HOLDS HIS OWN  (Australia -1974)  Direction and co-script.

DONS PARTY (Australia -1975) Winner of 6 Australian Film Institute awards, including Best Director.

THE GETTING OF WISDOM (Australia -1977) Screened in Directors week, Cannes. Barry Humphries, John Waters, Susannah Fowle.

MONEY MOVERS (Australia -1978) Terence Donovan, Tony Bonner, Ed Devereaux.

BREAKER MORANT (Australia -1980) Winner of 8 Australian Film Insitute Awards, including Best Picture & Best Director.  Bruce Beresford nominated for Academy Award for Best Screenplay – adaptation. Screened Cannes – competition..

THE CLUB (Australia -1982) Jack Thompson. Graham Kennedy,Harold Hopkins, John Howard, Frank Wilson.

TENDER MERCIES (USA 1983) Winner of two Academy Awards. BB nominated as Best Director.  Screened Cannes – competition..

KING DAVID ( USA 1984/85) Richard Gere, Edward Woodward, Alice Krige.

CRIMES OF THE HEART (USA – 1986) Sissy Spacek, Jessica Lange, Diane Keaton, Sam Shepherd.

THE FRINGE DWELLERS ( Australia -1987) Best screenplay (adaptation – BB) Australian Film Institute awards. Screened Cannes, competition..

HER ALIBI (USA-1988) Tom Selleck, Paulina Porizkhova.

DRIVING MISS DAISY (USA-1989). Winner of 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman, Dan Ackroyd.

MISTER JOHNSON (USA- 1990) Selected for Royal Command Performance. Berlin Festival.  Pierce Brosnan, Maynard Eziashi, Edward Woodward.

BLACK ROBE ( Canada/Australia -1991) Winner of 6 Canadian Academy awards, including Best Picture & Best Director. .With Lothaire Blutheau, Aden Young, Sandrine Holt, Augie Shellenberg.

RICH IN LOVE ( USA-1993) Albert Finney, Kathryn Erbe, Susie Amis, Kyle McLachlan.

SILENT FALL (USA-1994) Richard Dreyfuss, Liv Tyler. John Lithgow, Linda Hamilton.

LAST DANCE (USA – 1995/6) Sharon Stone, Rob Morrow,(Randy Quaid, Peter Gallagher..

PARADISE ROAD .(USA/AUSTRALIA – 1997) Script and Direction.  With Glenn Close, Frances McDormand, Julianna Margulies, Jennifer Ehle, Johanna Ter Steege, Cate Blanchett, Pauline Collins, Clyde Kusatsu.

DOUBLE JEOPARDY  (USA 1998/9) Direction. With Tommy Lee Jones, Ashley Judd, Bruce Greenwood, Roma Maffia.

SYDNEY – A STORY OF A CITY (Australia 1999) Co-directed with Geoff Burton. An Imax film about the city of Sydney.

THE BRIDE OF THE WIND (USA 2000).Direction. With Sara Wynter, Jonathan Pryce, Vincent Perez.

EVELYN. (USA/Ireland 2001) Direction.   With Pierce Brosnan, Stephen Rea, Julianna Margulies, Aidan Quinn, Alan Bates, John Lynch,  Sophie Vavasseur.

AND STARRING PANCHO VILLA AS HIMSELF . Direction. (2002/3) With Antonio Banderas,  Eoin Bailey, Jim Broadbent, Alan Arkin, Colm Feore.

THE CONTRACT. Direction. (2006) with Morgan Freeman, John Cusack, Alice Krige, Jamie Anderson, Jonathan Hyde. Megan Dodds.

MAO’S LAST DANCER (2008/9) with Chi Chao, Bruce Greenwood, Kyle McLachlan, Amanda Schull

PEACE,LOVE AND MISUNDERSTANDING (2010) With Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Elizabeth Olsen, Nat Wolff, Marissa O’Donnell and Kyle MacLachlan.

BONNIE AND CLYDE (2013) With Emile Hirsch, Holliday Grainger.

HENRY JOSEPH CHURCH (2015) with Eddie Murphy, Britt Robertson, Natasha McElhone, Xavier Samuel, Lucy Fry.

BRANGWYN AND ORPEN IN THE OUTBACK. (2015) Documentary in production.


GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST (Puccini) Directed for Spoleto Festival. Charleston (USA) & Spoleto (Italy).1986

ELEKTRA ( Richard Strauss) Directed for State Opera of South Australia . 1991

SWEENEY TODD ( Sondheim) Directed for Portland Opera. 1996

THE CRUCIBLE  (Robert Ward) Directed for Washington Opera, 1998

RIGOLETTO ( Verdi) Directed for Los Angeles Opera, 2000.

COLD SASSY TREE ( Carlisle Floyd) Directed for Houston Grand Opera, 2000. Restaged for San Diego Opera, 2001.

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE ( Andre Previn)( Opera Australia, 2007.

OF MICE AND MEN (Carlisle Floyd) ..Opera Australia, 2011.

THE DEAD CITY (Erich Korngold) Opera Australia, 2012


JOSH HARTNETT DEFINITELY WANTS TO DO THIS.  ( Harper Collins, Publ, August 2007) by Bruce Beresford. Notes from a film diary.


MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS, by Ron Hutchinson.  Directed for Melbourne Theatre Company, March 2009


Winner, Best Director , DONS PARTY ( 1976 Australian Film Institute Awards)
Winner, Best Director & Best Script Adaptation, BREAKER MORANT. (1980 Australian Film Institute Awards)
Academy Award nomination Best Script adaptation, BREAKER MORANT (1981)
Academy Award nomination Best Director, TENDER MERCIES (1982)
DRIVING MISS DAISY winner of Best Picture, Academy Awards, 1989.
Nominated Best Director, DRIVING MISS DAISY, British Academy Awards .(1989)
Winner, Best Script Adaptation , THE FRINGE DWELLERS. (1986 Australian Film Institute Awards).
Winner, Best Director, BLACK ROBE , 1990 Canadian Film Academy Awards. Also won Best Film.
Movie line Award. Best film , for EVELYN (2002)

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